Let’s Get Realistic!


So you have signed up for a business opportunity and they tell you they made 30G their first month.

Real? Yes!

How long have they been doing online marketing? 20 years? Yep!

Can you make 30G in your first month? Possibly,  if you have endless financial resources and an auto responder filled with 1M email addresses.

So let’s get realistic about the average person getting into online marketing.

Do you have an auto responder? Nope.

Are you starting off with no experience? Yes.

Then your first month might not be all that profitable. And that’s okay!

You are learning. You have the drive to build a business. That’s more than 90% of people have.

Pat yourself on the back and keep moving!

We all started with no experience but we had the drive to make our lives better.

Believe in you and your capabilities. You can do this!



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