So many people quit too soon!

So many people starting businesses today are looking for the next shiny object. If they can’t make money in 2 hours or…..O.M.G. I have to educate myself….WHAT!!!!

We see people quit within minutes or hours of joining a business.

Some people actually stick it out for a few months. They do put the effort in. They seem so motivated.

Then….poof…they are gone.

Then we see in a month or so that what they were working on, actually came to fruition.

The general rule of thumb is your business will lag approximately 6 months behind the effort you put in.

Is it tough to stick it out? Yes.

Is it worth is? Yes.

Find yourself a business that has amazing training, awesome coaches and fantastic product….

Then you need to weather the storm.

Not everyday will bring in money. Not everyday will appear positive but….

Your efforts will be rewarded.

My business partner made a great analogy.

Your car breaks down on the road. So you start to push it but it seems impossible to move…..then it starts to roll. It becomes easier and easier.

The initial weight of the obstacle becomes the momentum as you continue to actively move forward.

The all of a sudden the car seems unstoppable and there is nothing you can do to slow it down.

We all need to be patient for that time to come for our business.

Start. Push. Watch the momentum happen.

When you get discouraged remember that every successful person started small and got frustrated and discouraged.

They didn’t quit!

And you shouldn’t either.




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