You are only one decision away from a totally different life

I watched this amazing video today.

These 3 words resounded with me.

“You are broke”.

When I heard this statement the first thing I thought of was no money.

The speaker then went on to explain that being “broke” can mean money, relationships, spirit, etc.

Boom! “head explosion”

Exactly! We are all broke or broken in some way.

I have a tattoo that reads “Never let your fear decide your fate”. I had that tattoo done to remind me of the things I did that were wayyyyyy out of my comfort zone.

We all strive for happiness but why not strive for success?

Are we taught that being successful means that we are not moral? That we don’t care about other people? That success is only for the blessed few?

We need to quiet that little voice in our head that tells us we are not good enough, we are not smart enough, don’t try that because it probably won’t work…

If we relate life to writing a book then if one chapter sucks then the next chapter can be insanely good. It’s our own book so we can write it how ever we want.

It’s not over until I win!

We need to get excited about our goals and passions!

Do things that excite you! Get passionate!

The reason that most people will not win at their dreams is a lack of patience. Be patient. Do the right things. Your dreams will come to fruition.

And read! Read, read, read. The average American reads 1 book a year.

I remember as a child I use to go the library and take out a massive amount of books. The librarian would tell me that I had too many books to read in a week but I kept taking them out.

My parents bought the the full Encyclopedia Britannica and I read that.

I read both the old and new testament.

Nerd? Why yes I am!

I taught both of my children to read a lot. Be well informed. If you need to defend an opinion know your subject and know it well. Not to be a jerk but to be informed.

Some days are tough and full of doubt. That’s normal and acceptable.

Just don’t let it stop you.

Run towards your dream. Never give up.

It’s not over until you win.





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