What happens when you get sick?

I was really sick a year ago and ended up being off work for about 3 months.

All of a sudden my income was cut over 50% and then dwindled to nothing.

When I was finally able to go back to work my Doctor only allowed me to go back part time.

At least I was working but was again making 50% less than I was use to.

Funny thing is my bills were not cut in half.

I have been use to being able to afford all the basics plus spoil myself on occasion.

It was a struggle.

Thanks goodness I had the support of a wonderful partner but I felt guilty for not  being able to help out financially as well as I should have been able to.

I had been tossing around the idea of starting my own business again for some time and this predicament pushed me into doing just that.

I am building a business that can be done from home or from anywhere in the world….on my computer.

This will become my safety net incase something happens that I wouldn’t be able to work a “traditional” job again.

Now I make money no matter where I am….even while I am sleeping.

And if I get sick and end up in bed for a fews days or a week or even months, it still makes money.

Now that’s a very nice feeling!



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