You also have 86,400….

Imagine that you have a bank account that deposits $86,400 each and every morning.

This account doesn’t carry over any money from day to day.

Whatever money is left over at the end of day vanishes.

What would you do?

I know I would be making sure I spent every penny of it every day.

All of us have a bank account like this.

It’s called TIME.

Every morning when you wake up it credits 86,400 seconds into your account.

Whatever is left over when we go to sleep at night is not carried forward.

It is gone forever. No getting that time back.

You can not borrow time.

The time you have each day is the time you have and that’s it.

How you manage your time is your choice….

…the same way you manage your money.

It is never the case of us not having enough time to do the things we want…

….it is whether we want to do those things..

and where they fall in our priorities.

Make the most of your allotted time whether it is to spend time with family & friends, taking up a hobby or building a business.

Make time for your passion.

What will you do with your 86,400 seconds today?

Have a fabulous day!


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