How far would you walk?

My business partner asked me to walk to the corner of our sidewalk yesterday…

…and then walk back.

He asked me “was that hard?”

My response was a definite “NO”

Then he said…

“If I asked you to walk across that same sidewalk but there was nothing on either side but a drop to infinity but at the end of the sidewalk would be $100,000 dollars, would you do it?

That’s a tough choice right?

Why did the sidewalk that I walked so easily now turn into a crazy, scary sidewalk?

It’s the same size but now there is fear added.

Life or death…

…leaving your life as you know it to delve into the unknown.

This choice separates the average person from the entrepreneur.

I’m not saying that if you don’t choose the crazy, scary path you are wrong or bad.

It’s just not your path to take.

And that’s okay!

But if you are good with jumping off the precipice and wanting more in your life then…

…take a risk!

Walk that crazy, scary sidewalk and see what happens.

Gayle Impey


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