Why did I fall out of love with you?

I use to be so in love with you Saturday?

Madly, deeply, unconditionally in love with you!

You were my day to sleep in and then hang out with my kids.

And poor Sunday got a bad rap.

Laundry, grocery shopping, making lunches for the week to come…

…generally getting ready to face Monday and the week of work ahead.

All the rest of the days were just a tease.

I would get off work ready to enjoy the rest of my day.

And the rest of the day turned into making supper, cleaning the house, etc.

Then it was time for bed…

…and not the good “time for bed” *wink wink*

Falling into bed exhausted and not looking forward to the next day because I wasn’t seeing my “Saturday”.

All I could think about all week was going to work and making it through until I saw Saturday again!

But now…

…I love all the days of the week equally.

I enjoy everyday and don’t try to race through them.

Building your own business will do that to a person!

If you are tired of the rat race and only being able to truly enjoy one day a week instead of all 7…

…if you want to enjoy life and not race through it…

…then please join me.

For only $50 per month you can become a reseller and start earning commissions fast.

Here’s to making everyday the love of your life!

Gayle Impey

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