Best day of my life!

Here’s a great song to start your Monday with!

Now that you hopefully have a smile on your face and those lyrics implanted in your brain…

…let’s ponder something.

Why do we, as humans, give up so easily?

Why does it seem so easy to go the the negative thoughts and so darn hard to think positively about things?

Why are children so resiliant?

They never give up!

I think it’s because they haven’t been jaded by life…

…no one has told them they can’t do things yet…

Remember that catch phrase “find your inner child?”

Today would be a great day to do that!

Be that little kid that doesn’t give a damn about what others say they can or can not do!

Jump in a puddle, make a blanket fort, dance in the kitchen to your favorite songs…

…live life with abandon.

Today is going to be the best day of my life…

…at least one of many!

Gayle Impey


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