How much is Christmas worth to you?

Did you know…

…Americans spent roughly $680 Billion dollars in 2017 on Christmas…

…that’s an average expenditure of $967 per person.

* Mind blown*

* WOW *

Now don’t get me wrong…

…I LOVE Christmas!

I love decorating my house inside and out.

I love baking.

I love the time spent with my family & friends.

I have never liked buying gifts for the sake of buying a gift.

Either that gift is perfect for the person or they don’t get a gift.

My kids and I decided about 6 years ago that we would forgo the frivolous buying of big gifts and spend money on travelling together or do some other activity together…

…and it works very well.

My 21 year old daughter and I have been taking trips once a year together since she was 15.

The money we would have spend on another useless item to clutter up the house goes into our flights, hotel, etc.

Everyone gets a small stocking of consumable goodies and we spend the holidays together.

My partner and I have done the same thing for the past few years.

We have been paring down the “stuff” in our home to make sure only useful items remain…

…so having said that we don’t want anymore STUFF lol.

The money we would have spent goes directly into our business

…which in turn provides us with the lifestyle we want

…including a nice, relaxing holiday every year.

That also equates to a stress free January.

No credit card bills.

No trying to reinflate our savings after over spending.

We now get to reminisce over some very happy, fun and relaxing memories.

My wish for you today is that this upcoming Christmas is blessed with family, friends, an abundance of food and many wonderful memories!

Gayle Impey


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