☹️ Turn that frown upside down ?

Why do we, as humans, find it so easy to go into negative mode?

Our brains are actually hardwired to think negatively.

Studies have shown that the fear of punishment is far more effective for disciplining children than the desire for rewards to improve behavior.

Another study showed that we view the loss of rewards as more important than gaining rewards. Losing $100 is a far bigger deal than people gaining $100.

We are predisposed for that kind of negative thinking due to the survival instinct.

If you think about our ancestors it makes sense.

Example: If we thought positively about running into a herd of lions because they looked cute & cuddly we would be killed pretty fast.

Our fears would keep us from doing that so we live.

By focusing heavily on negative dangers our species has managed to survive all this time.

We live in a far different world now.

We don’t have to deal with the immediate dangers that our predecessors did so now our brains are filled with irrational fears, doubts and anxieties.

There are things we can do to turn the negative thoughts into positive ones though.

* As soon as you feel that negativity creeping in work on pushing those thoughts out and replacing them with positive ones. 

* Start each day feeling blessed and thankful that you have that amazing day.

* Start a “Grateful” jar. Take a few moments everyday to write down one thing that you are grateful for and pop it in the jar. Look at your entries every time you are having a rough day.

* Try doing a 30 day positive list. Write down something that you will do each day that would make someone else’s day better. It can be as simple as complimenting a stranger on how nice they look, baking cookies to give to a friend, being cheerful to a cashier. Ultruism has been proven to enhance the lives of not only those receiving the positivity but of the giver.

* Have some fun! We don’t need to be serious all the time. Try being silly. Jump in some puddles, sing in the shower, dance to a song in the store. 

I hope your day is wonderful and full of love & positivity!

Gayle Impey

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