What is family?

I have been very fortunate to have found a wonderful friendship. It is with a young woman I met while working outside the home and she quickly became a friend and then part of my family and I hers.

She has tagged me with the moniker, Mamma Gayle, and I happily and joyfully accepted it.

She is a wonderful young lady. Outspoken, forthright, beautiful inside & out, caring, giving and loving.

In November she was blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby boy and I was invited to be part of this lil man’s life. I have had 2 children of my own and, hopefully, have learned a thing or 2 about babies. I love that she trusts me enough to ask for my advise about her precious child.

Her baby boy is amazing! At his tender age of a bit under 2 months he shows the beginning of a relentless, energetic and intelligent young man. I know what you’re thinking! He’s just a baby! You can always see those babies that have amazing parents though. He is alert and wants to know exactly whats going on. His Mother is the epitome of what a Mother should be. Interactive, loving, caring but she also knows not to give in to every one of his whims. He watches her constantly with this big smile and a whole lot of love in his gorgeous eyes.

The last time I went to visit her and her young lad I started thinking about how incredible family is and how wonderful that we can add to our families through friendships.

She is definitely a daughter to me. I love to cook for her, I get excited when I see a text from her and I love having the chance to visit & chat. I am proud of the woman she is and have so much respect for her Mum & Dad for raising such an incredible person.

There is not one iota of familial blood running through our veins and it makes absolutely no difference to either of us. I will relish in her successes and help her through her difficulties as I would with my own children. I also know she would be there for me if I needed her.

WOW! Not sure what I have done to be so blessed with a new daughter. I am humbled beyond belief that God/Universe/Spirit decided we needed to meet.

So enjoy your family regardless of where they came from.

Gayle Impey

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