Why do we wait?

My father passed away when I was 28 years old. I am adopted and when they adopted me my Dad was 53 years old. He had lived a good life in his 81 years but I got ripped off big time…in my mind.

He was one of those interactive Dads that took me fishing, skating, hunting (I didn’t like hunting at all but that’s another story ?.

He was my rock as I went through all stages of my life. He had to endure the angsty teenager and then deal with the 20 year old that thought she knew everything.

And then he was gone. My life broke into a million pieces.

I just assumed he’d always be there to talk to. In my mindset he was invincible…

…but he wasn’t.

So why don’t we make sure we tell all of our loved ones that we love them and appreciated them all the time?

Do we expect that they already know?

Are we lazy? We’ll tell them tomorrow?

Both of my parents passed away from Alzheimers and Dementia. By the time I got over myself and figured things out it was too late with my Dad. He was in a world that didn’t include me. I am hoping that my weekly visits somehow registered with him but I really don’t know. I had more time with my Mum and had learned a very hard lesson with my Dad passing away some 26 years later.

How do you prepare for someone passing?

You can’t….plain and simple.

If they pass quickly most people wish they would have had more time to articulate their feelings. If they passed over a long period of time people also wish they had more time to let them know how much they loved them.

So why don’t we take every day to talk to the precious people in our lives and let them know how we feel?

Is it an insecurity that our love won’t be reciprocated? So what? At least we said what we wanted.

Every time I text or speak with my children I always tell them I love them. It takes no time at all. If they don’t reciprocate I’m okay with that lol. All I need them to know is that I love them.

It’s only 3 little words…

…I love you.

Gayle Impey

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