The grass is always greener…

…on the side you water.

I heard this last week and it had a profound affect on my attitude.

A lot of us are looking for the quick fix…

…fix my family…

…fix my relationship…

…win the lottery…

…please make my life easier.

So we look for that panacea.

Definition of panacea

a remedy for all ills or difficulties CURE-ALL

Maybe we just need to look within ourself.

What if we tried harder with our family and friends?

Made time for them?

What if we tried harder at budgeting?

Then we would have more money.

What if we tried a bit harder at our jobs?

What if we put in more effort to running a business?

Everyone else’s lives look so glamorous, happy, appealing…

…but maybe they aren’t.

Please start watering your grass and see what happens.

Gayle Impey

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