Life, love & loss

On April 9, 2019 the Good Lord decided to bring one of his most beloved children home to him.

Her name was Jo and she was just shy of her 88th birthday.

Up until hours before her passing she was walking her dog, tidying her house and then visiting her husband(of 67 years), who has dementia, in the nursing home.

She was a spitfire right up until the end. I spoke with her, for the last time, on Sunday afternoon. She was happy(as always), we shared some laughs and talked about all the mundane things that life has to offer which she did not take for granted. She was always positive. No matter what.

I remember her reflecting on the death of 1 of her grandchildren about 9 months ago. She was a spiritual woman in a very quiet way. She said ” We never know how long they will be given to us”. I know her heart ached for her grandson but she believed that his purpose on earth had been fulfilled and that he was needed elsewhere now.

Whenever I stayed at her place she always greeted me in the morning by saying “Good morning sunshine”. She had the coffee brewing and the eggs cooking. What a great smell to wake up to.

Every one of her 5 children and her numerous grandchildren were so devoted and totally in love with her. She had the respect of her community and friends.

I love Jo! She was straight forward, had a wonderful sense of humor and was so committed to her family. She definitely was the matriarch. Her words of wisdom, antidotes about life and her unending love was all anyone needed.

She gave the best hugs! Even with her diminutive stature of 4’11” and 80 lbs soaking wet, her immense love translated easily through her hugs.

This woman could find a use for anything and everything. Nothing was thrown out and everything had a use in some way.

She was an incredible gardener, she canned pretty much anything that could be canned. She was never a wasteful woman. She had enough money to buy whatever she wanted but chose instead to spend her time with her family tending to that very cherished garden.

She lived her life her way but without forsaking her family & friends. I can honestly say I am sure she had no regrets about anything.

Today was her funeral. It was very bittersweet. We were all relieved that she did not suffer. It all happened so fast. There is a very large hole in all our hearts where we have a special place just for her.

Rest in peace, Jo! I hope you know how much you were loved. We all knew how much you loved us.

Gayle Impey

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