What does your garden look like?

5 years ago I took my son to his first concert.

I asked my son what band I could take him to…

…anywhere in the world and it just happened his fav band at the time was coming to the Calgary Stampede.

Then we had a flood and the concert was canceled.

The concert ended up happening in a smaller town close to us with the proceeds going to the flood relief.

We drove an hour and a half and stayed in the cheapest most God awful motel ever…

…and a memory was made.

If you haven’t listened to Rush you are missing out.

They are an amazing band.

Neil Peart is fantastic lyricist.

He’s so not main stream but if you listen to his lyrics you will understand.

The first album I ever listened to by Rush was 2112.

This was definitely a tipping point in my life as far as music was concerned.

The song at the concert I took my son to that took my breath away was The Garden

My take on it was that we only have a certain amount of time to treasure all that is important so make it good.

Nurture your garden…

…whatever that means to you…

…protect it with all you have.

My garden consists of my 2 amazing children, my partner and all of my awesome friends! Oh ya and my life.

I will always work on loving them and protecting them. My life is also very important so I choose to try to be as healthy as I can be.

Gayle Impey

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