Why do you keep saying you’re sorry?

There was a young gal that I worked with that said “I’m sorry” way too much.

She was sorry for everything!

When I got in her way she said SHE was sorry.

When other people were having a bad day she said SHE was sorry.

There are very obvious times when a person needs to say they are sorry such as…

…if you step on someone’s toes and hurt them then an “I’m sorry I didn’t see you and hurt you by accident” is in order out of courtesy, etc. but for everything else how about saying…

…Thank You.

If you’re late how about “Thank you for waiting so patiently for me”.

Instead of “Sorry I’m in such a bad mood” how about…

….”Thank you for loving and caring about me when I’m not at my best”.

And rather than saying “I’m so sorry I messed this up” say…

…”Thank you for your understanding. I’ll get this fixed as soon as I can”.

What do you think that little shift in words will do?

It will cause a shift in how you think about yourself.

We all have those thoughts that make us feel bad about ourselves.

We beat ourselves up over every little thing we do…

…and then continue to dwell on it for days maybe even years.

How about feeding your soul with kindness.

Let yourself know that you are a wonderful, kind, caring person.

Love yourself!

Once you replace “sorry” with “Thank You”…

…you will now be giving out gratitude rather than negativity.

Even that seemingly small shift will make a difference in how you view yourself and strengthen relationships with others.

Try it for 21 days.

What do you have to lose?

Thank you for taking the time to read this email!

I know how precious your time is and I really appreciate you!

Gayle Impey

2 Replies to “Why do you keep saying you’re sorry?”

  1. Hello!

    I just wanted to add to this via a different direction. You stated that by saying sorry it’s spreading negativity…I honestly feel like you are misinformed about people who say sorry all the time.

    One of the biggest and easiest markers for identifying an abuse victim is by how much they say sorry, the reason they say it so often is because it’s a safety mechanism. It placates the abuser by the victim always accepting responsibility for anything and everything that goes wrong, even when they have done nothing wrong or nothing of importance happens.

    I honestly find it offensive that you say that people who say sorry all the time are spreading negativity, that’s not the case at all. You are now telling the person who says sorry that they are so wrong, that their protective mechanism is actually toxic and causes people to actually be mentally/emotionally affected to the point of bringing them down with negativity.

    I understand what you were going for but the way you put it in this post is not only insulting but ALSO puts the weight of your insinuations onto the shoulders of abuse victims while also telling them their protection mechanism is now a wrong way to actually deal with what they went through.
    Abused people don’t need to be told that they now have to shoulder the weight of the abusers programming due to the frailty of random peoples psyches.

    Big miss on this one! Please try to be sensible and caring towards people of abuse. If you don’t know about a topic it would be wonderful to see research behind your posts.


    1. Hi Wendy! Thank you for your comment. It was never my intent to criticize or insult anyone who has or is being abused. I appreciate and respect your view on this. I apologize if this offended you and anyone else.
      I did do research and pulled from my own personal experience for this and any blog post I make.
      This is something I have implemented in to my life and have found very positive.

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