Oh bloody hell!

Have you ever had one of these days?

You wake up all happy and chipper.

You hop out of bed and stub your toe…

…you start making coffee and the coffee maker over flows then…

…you go to have a shower and all the hot water is gone…

…you get dressed and notice a nasty stain on your favorite shirt.

By this point in time you are ready to crawl back into bed and sleep this awful day away…

…but you can’t! The show must go on.

The angrier & more frustrated we get just appears to make more awful things happen as well.

What can we do when days like this happen?

Do we allow it to ruin the rest of the day or can we over ride the anger and frustration?

Let’s look at it this way…

…if you had $1000 and someone took $1 would you throw the other $999 away?

I think not so…

…if 30 minutes of your day is less than desirable don’t give up on the other 12+ hours.

Here are a few things to try to get yourself back on track:

  • laugh it off. It’s not the end of the world so try to keep it light hearted. Have a good laugh at your own expense.
  • think about all the things you are grateful for. If we fill our minds & hearts with gratitude there is no room for anger, frustration or sadness
  • take a few deep cleansing breaths. Close your eyes and imagine being in a place that makes you very happy.
  • treat yourself to something you really enjoy. I would get myself a nice Mocha coffee and focus on enjoying that.
  • call a friend. Sometimes just talking about it will de-escalate the situation(s) and feelings.

I know it can very tough to shake off the bad mood and the “why me”.

We do have the choice to be miserable or be happy,

I think we would all love to be happy.

Gayle Impey

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